June 2013: Francis Mckee discusses Daido Moriyama

TalkSeePhotography’s inaugural event saw CCA director Francis Mckee give a presentation of the influential Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama’s work.

Stray dog, Misawa, 1971 © Daido Moriyama

Stray dog, Misawa, 1971 © Daido Moriyama

TalkSeePhotography is organised for and by artists working with still imagery in Glasgow that aims to be a forum for sharing, discussing and looking at photography. Its focus will be cantered on visual presentations by photographers and thinkers, which will be followed by an open discussion.

Our long-term goal is to create a scene for both national and international photography but we feel it is crucial to form a local discussion platform by reaching out to the photography (interested and active) community in Glasgow. We aim to do so by setting up 6 events in 2013 as a greenhouse where photographers and thinkers around photography may present and share their work on the basis of a mutual discussion with the participating audience.