November 2013: Colin Gray & Malcolm Dickson

TalkSeePhotography’s November session will see Photographer Colin Gray and Gallery Director Malcolm Dickson.

Colin Gray will talk about his use of photography as a medium to make sense of losing both his parents to illnesses. While presenting his work he will share his thoughts about the healing processes of art and creativity and how engagement with death in the ebb and flow of life can serve help people grieve.

© Colin Gray

© Colin Gray

Malcolm Dickson will give an overview of Scottish photography right now through an exciting landscape where major galleries, pop up spaces, to online platforms, new agencies, zines and forums for dialogue lay claim to something of the photographic milieu. The overview will be topped, tailed, and punctuated by a series of images from Street Level’s past archive and current projects, which in their unique galvanise the relationship between the image, dialogue, and community.

Malcolm Dickson is a curator, writer, organiser and Director of Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow, whose programme includes a diverse range of local, national and international lens-based artists ( He has curated numerous projects and is the originator and contributor to a number of articles, books and journals and he plays a key role to photography in Scotland.

Colin Gray is a widely exhibited fine artist who works with those that are closest to him. His acclaimed work in Sickness and in Health is a stunning story about following those that one loves the most in their hardest moments. His work is humorous, loving and tender and to me comparable with Pedro Meyers fantastic tale I Photograph to Remember.