February 2014: Jim Harold & Danielle Heath

TalkSeePhotography’s February session will feature Jim Harold and Danielle Heath. They first met when Harold was head of the photography department at Northumberland. While they are giving individual presentations there has been an occasional but long, slow and thoughtful conversation between them since then, about the possibilities with photography, which hopefully will colour the event.


© Jim Harold

Jim Harold who has been active since the mid 70s will speak about issues around his practice and show us a series of related project that deal with marginality of landscape and territorial border territories. He will through these touch on issues around the role of photographic aesthetics at the interface of urban expansion and rural environment from the 80s. He has recently completed a Phd at Glasgow University with the thesis, Love is a Drift in the Desert: A comparative Analysis of the Poetics of the Desert Space.


© Jim Harold

Danielle Heath will be exploring changing directions in photography by examining the incompatibility between the old photographic narrative and the changing modern world, to consider whether the new theory of expanded photography meets these challenges.By using her experience as a photographer she will reflect on difficulties that she has encountered through a range of themes. These will include: the audience’s growing sophistication in reading the semiotics of images, the inability for photography to be a representational agent, the growing tendency to cross different art media and genres and the increase in mass production of images effecting the way we relate to photography in a virtual age.


© Danielle Heath