May 2014: Publishing & Photography

Following on from our last event’s discussions around establishing more opportunities for the photography culture to expand through, TalkSeePhotography’s May event marks the beginning of a period that is dedicated to the wider photographic space and its infrastructures.

Over the foreseeable future we will in different ways be looking at the actual spaces where photography can be viewed, such as the exhibition and publications, as well as the relationships between these, and how the practitioner can involve themselves in the making of them. In this spirit, this TalkSeePhotography kicks off with an event discussing the printed space.

You will meet photographer and publisher Sarah Amy Fishlock who will present the self directed publication GooseFlesh, editor and writer Aiden Bowman who will present the St Andrew’s based magazine Stereoscope, and Art historian and writer Katherine Tub from Sshop who will speak about their publication Studies in Photography.

Publishing and photography have an entwined history. The advent of digital production techniques and viewing spaces has not eliminated these connections but rather reinforced them. It is in publication that photography and other vital intellectual contributions about the medium can reach the many.

Whether it is ink on paper, or light on a screen, the discussions and exposure of photography in amateur blogs or high-spec magazines; publication remains key to its dissemination. This event is dedicated to the ink-on-paper kind of publication because viewing it like this creates an actual tactile experience with direct links to many of the avenues the medium supports.

Come along and listen to three dedicated people share how they make this way of experiencing photography possible.