October 2014: Finnish Photography Museum

At the TalkSeePhotography’s October event Saxa Art and Books invites you to a presentation by Anna Kaisa Rastenberger and Erja Sala from the Finnish Photography Museum.

Rastenberger and Salo (who hold chief positions within curation and education) will speak about a photographic museums remit in the public space; its support of artistic work and how how this blends into research on visual social phenonemas impact on society. In particular they will talk about the photography museum’s current exhibition #snapshot which examines online visual habits and how they have changed our perception of photography.

Catherine Balet: The Strangers in the Light 2

Catherine Balet: The Strangers in the Light 2

The presentation invites us to take part in a discussion about one of the most complex developments in contemporary society as well as being an introduction into the workings of a national institution for photography in one of the worlds most visually literate societies.

As usual the presentations will round up with an open discussion.